“Harmful to Minors” Books at WASD?

Click this Link for Current Books at WASD that appear to clearly meet Idaho’s “Harmful to Minors” definition.

The US Constitution’s 1st Amendment does not grant minors the right to access or be exposed to materials that are “harmful to minors.” See Idaho’s definition of “Materials Harmful to Minors” per Idaho Code 18-1514 (section 6).

Check Your School’s Library:

If you come across a book in your child’s public school curriculum or library and believe this book meets the definition of “Harmful To Minors,” you may wish to submit a “Reconsideration for Removal” request for that book by following WASD’s procedure policy 602.22.

The Library Book Reconsideration Process at WASD:

Read, FULLY understand, and FULLY follow WASD’s policy #602.22, basic flow:

1st) Request a meeting with the site Principal and site Librarian,

2nd) Request an Administration Review (Standing Committee) first opportunity to remove book,

3rd) Request a Formal Committee Review (Administration and Parents) second opportunity to remove book,

4th) Request a Board of Trustees review and vote. – last opportunity to remove the book.

For more info on how to challenge a “Harmful to Minors” book, you may wish to contact WASD’s Library Coordinator: Dennis Hahs, hahs.dennis@westada.org