PATV is an Information Portal to help support parental rights in the Treasure Valley Area (Idaho), by providing parents and guardians with easy-to-access resources and links to local school districts’ policies, Idaho parental rights, parental resources, and educational options in Idaho.

Our Vision:

To help promote the increase of academic excellence for children in the Treasure Valley area:

  • Helping parents promote education that is free from pre/hyper-sexualization or age-inappropriate ideologies.
  • Where “all students receive a quality education emphasizing skills, knowledge, and character development” and “where all students achieve at high levels in reading, writing, and mathematics” and with this all being done in a “safe atmosphere.”
  • The sum of which results in:
    • producing graduating seniors who are equipped for life,
    • excited about their future,
    • and who embrace personal responsibility and all the promises that it holds.

Steve Jobs (1995): Parents Have Power and are the Customers of Public School Education for Their Children:

Local News:

Pacific Justice Institute, Email Letter to CSD, 1-23-23

Parent Advocates of Treasure Valley

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