Apologetics for Christian Parents

Semi-Weekly Webinars:

Do you have children or youth that are being bombarded with a deceptive materialistic worldview at every turn?  

We will cover the common topics and challenges that confront young people of faith today. Come and explore.

Apologetics: To provide a credible basis for a belief held.



  • 8) Internal Evidence for the existence of a Creator, 7pm, 6-15-23)
  • 9) External Evidence for the existence of a Creator
  • 10) Age of the Earth models & Age of the Universe models; Radiometric Dating & Carbon 14 dating, & Distant Star Light models
  • 11) Biological Variation, adaption, and alleles [good design]
  • 12) Macro Evolution, Mutations & Natural Selection: FLUFF
  • 13) DNA and Chromosomal comparison between taxonomical groups; Common descent vs. common Designer, Taxonomy and speciation
  • 14) Abiogenesis, Time, Source of Information, & Probability
  • 15) The Genesis Flood & Mount St. Helen’s “Toutle River Canyon,” 1982
  • 16) The Geologic column & The Fossil Record
  • 17) Dinosaurs, Dragons, & the Bible
  • 18) Bible’s Inspiration & Transmission Accuracy
  • 19) The Fall, Jesus’ Historic Resurrection, the Gospel, the Judgment, & the Coming Kingdom

Session #1 (1/26/23): Definitions of Truth & Science

Session #2 (2-9-23): Big Questions, Hierarchy of Evidence, Presuppositions, & Logical Fallacies Basics

Special Bonus: Jesus & Dinosaurs (12min at 2X play speed)

For further reading: Dinosaurs: Marvels of God’s Design, Dr. Tim Clarey (2015)

SESSION-#3 (2/24/23): Biblical Hermeneutics Basics & Jesus’ biblical morality

SESSION-#4 (3/23/23): What Is Intersex, What Is Gender Dysphoria, & Sexual Orientation Genes?

SESSION-#5 (4/25/23): Source of Evil; History of Worldwide Slavery; & Columbus and Charters of the British Colonies

  • 6) History and the domain of History & Early Scientists who believe in a Creator (Thursday, 5/11/23, 7pm)

The Scientific Method & Materialist Scientists acknowledge an “a-priori” aversion to a Creator: