Key WASD Policies

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Key Policies Listed Below:

100:Educational Philosophy
 100.01Mission Statement/Statement of Philosophy
 100.02Impact of Residential Growth on School District Operations
 100.03Code of Ethics of the Idaho Teaching Profession
201:Function and Duties of the Board
 201.01Code of Ethics
 201.02Duties and Responsibilities
203.03Patron Grievances Process
300.1Superintendent of Schools
300.2Administrative Intern Program
400Staff Personnel
401.2Certified Staff Personnel, Duties & responsibilities
(NOTICE: A new revision to 401.2 was approved on 8/8/22)
602: Programs of Instruction
 602.1: Curriculum & Learning Resources
 602.2: Academic Freedom & Responsibility in Teaching Controversial Issues
 602.21:Selection and Reconsideration of Learning Resources
 602.21AR:Administrative Regulation 0602.21-AR(1): Selection and Reconsideration of Learning Resources
 602.3: Textbook Hearing Process
 602.4: Health Education
 602.5Title I Parent Involvement Policy
 602.6: Education of Exceptional Children
 602.61:Exceptional Children – Gifted and Talented