Mark your calendars for the March 20th, 2023 Meeting at the Ada County Courthouse at 6pm to Re-Establish the Meridian Library District. We need people to show up and testify at the meeting. You will need to be there by 5pm to register to testify. This is where the rubber meets the road, we need to convince the Ada County Commissioners to put the vote on the next ballot and let WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE IF WE WANT THIS MATERIAL IN OUR LIBRARIES.

ACTION ITEM 1: Go the meeting and TESTIFY. The Meridian Library District trustees have shut off public comment at their meetings (taxation without representation) and continue to give MINORS ACCESS TO OBSCENE AND SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL. Here is a link (https://tinyurl.com/warning-explicit) to a SMALL SAMPLE of what is available. If you show this to any parent or grandparent, it will be obvious to them that this is not appropriate for minors. You will have three minutes for your testimonial. Please send an email to info.ccom@proton.me if you can testify.

ACTION ITEM 2: If you cannot attend, please email the ADA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS at BOCC1@adacounty.id.gov and tell them to put our ā€œpetition initiative on the next ballot for a vote by WE THE PEOPLE of Meridian to decide.ā€

The MLD Trustees and the Library Director have labeled the people of Meridian that choose to speak up as CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS AND RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS. They also claim that there is NO OBSCENE AND SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL AT ANY LIBRARY IN THE STATE OF IDAHO! All you need to do is go this link, https://tinyurl.com/warning-explicit for a SMALL SAMPLE of what Meridianā€™s children can check out themselves at the MLD.

Please help WE THE PEOPLE of Meridian Re-Establish a Library that meets community standards.

Ada County Commissioners email: BOCC1@adacounty.id.gov

Ada County Courthouse Address: 200 W Front St, Boise, ID 83702-7399

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